NonyX Nail Gel
Accept no substitute. There is only one, patented NonyX Nail Gel.

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  • "Hi. My name is Sherica, I just wanted to tell you all that I was very pleased with the results I've gotten with the Nonyx gel. Slow process but it REALLY WORKS!" By email.

  • "Hi - I just had to write you and let you know how pleased I am with your NonyX nail gel!! After 5 years of embarrassment and hopelessness over a nasty looking toenail, I randomly discovered your product after doing a Google search. I started using the product in May and by July my nail was significantly improved. Now it's September and the nail is COMPLETELY normal!! I never thought I'd have a normal nail again after everything the "professionals" told me…. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!" Sincerely, Connie

  • "Thank you for your miraculous product! … Living in Florida and wearing sandals most of the time I had resigned myself to wearing a band-aid around my ugly toe nail forever…. Then I tried NonyX Nail Gel. After several months I now have an attached and healthy nail and you have one VERY happy customer for life. I can't tell you how many people to whom I have recommended your product. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" J. Harris

  • "I can't say enough about NonyX Nail Gel. My toenails look like a teenager's again. My toenails look amazing.... I am a swimmer. Before I had to wear nail polish, because my toenails looked so awful and I was embarassed. I used NonyX in the winter so that no one would see them. I used to have cracks and chipping but no more. You have to use NonyX fastidiously and get into the habit.... Now, I'll never be without NonyX. I couldn't not call you about how fantastic this product is! All I can say is thank you" K.N., Silverspring, MD (by telephone)

  • "I love the product first and foremost but I just thought I would bring to your attention the misspelled word under the DIRECTIONS column. In the fifth sentence, the word FIGERNAILS is spelled firngernials. You may have already made this discovery and if so just ignore my comment...EXCEPT FOR THE PART WHERE I STATED THAT I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!!! THANK YOU", F. C. by email.
  • "Hello ...I used NonyX Nail Gel and I am so pleased .... The two big toes were black and the others were on their way down the same path. I would just like to say I would recommend your product to friends and family everytime. Thank you." R. N., by email

  • "I began using NonyX in late June of 2012…. Several of my toenails had over-keratinization…. I had a pinky toenail which had been injured sixteen years prior. It fell off from the accident and what grew back resembled a small hoof. Well, just shy of 11 months of using NonyX on my little hoof, it has become a beautiful toenail once again. Thank you so much for your wonderful,.. not tested on animals product. Please feel free to use any part of this letter as an endorsement…. With all Good Wishes, "R. E. M.

  • "I was hoping to be able to attach before and after photos here. Anyway, started using the product in March, my big toenail was completely yellow & brown & worse it had lifted away from the skin and was very painful when I stubbed it. Now, it is almost completely normal!!! Reattached to the skin and just has a tiny bit in the upper right corner that I have faith that with time and dedication will also go away." K. B., by email

  • "My nails look and feel healthier! Happy feet! Thank you!" E. N., Hermiston, OR

  • "I love this stuff! You get desperate. I don’t care what’s in it or how much it costs! NonyX works fantastic! Don’t you ever stop selling it." Caller from British Columbia, Canada (purchase NonyX at Walmart in Canada)

  • "Hi, I am now the happiest and proudest gal!! I felt so complexed with my ugly toenails and since I started using nonyx nail gel, (about six weeks) they're almost gone!! I just have a question, once my nails look healthy and clear, do I need to continue using the gel??? Thank You so much for helping me out in my devastating situation!!" D. L., by email

  • "For 20 years…people stared at [my two fingernails] when I stopped covering with acrylic, I even had a gentleman who backed off from shaking my hand at a meeting. Lucky for me, I purchased Nonyx at the grocery store a 1 1/2 yr ago…. Now I have beautiful, normal light nails…. Nonyx has made a big difference in my life and restored confidence lost for 2 decades. I will continue to use their product and attest to the outstanding results. Happy to say that I found the gold pot at the end of the rainbow!!!!!" Posted on KudosWorks, Genuosity Inc

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  • "This stuff works like the photos on the box. I can't believe the change in my nails. I'm' really surprised! I have to tell people. I could have helped my parents had I known. I'm very impressed by Nonyx." D. E. by telephone

  • "Bryan wrote: "It's resurrection in a bottle!! Been using it since February and will continue to use it til next summer at least. I used to have streaky toenails and now they are very close to normal now. Most people think it’s something that they have to live with but it don't have to be that way…. Will recommend to everyone and now working on my second bottle. Don't let the price fool you, this is the real deal!! Big or small problems, this will handle them all!! Word of advice, don't let off the throttle for at least the first 4 months of use and the bandaid technique should also be used so the gel will hold and stay moist on the nail for quite a while" Bryan Fury, Facebook comment

  • "NonyX WORKS! You can quote me on that!" S. L. Hou, by phone

  • "My toes were in such bad shape!!... My toes looked like the keys on a piano! I kept them covered with nail polish. I couldn't take it anymore, one night…I stopped in Walgreens looking for some help,… NONYX was expensive, but I was desperate!! I'm so glad I purchased it! My toes haven't looked this good in 30yrs. Thank you so much!!" Happy Janet in Chicago

  • "My [finger]nails were lifting from my nail bed so much…! I came across your product and after reading the testimonials I was sold! I went on my lunch hour to the nearest Wal-Mart [Supercenter] and grabbed my bottle. I've only been using it for about a month and I must say FINALLY I see results. My nails are clearing…. I will continue to use this and will recommend this to ANYONE with nail problems. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!"J. C., on KudosWorks, Genuosity Inc.

  • "I've been using the product since late last summer and my nails are looking almost perfect. Thank you again." D.G. by email

  • "It's a miracle! Have been fighting keratin buildup for over 10 years. My second toe is longer than my great toe and I walk/run several miles a day. It wasn't even three weeks and the keratin is about 1/2 the original buildup and my toenails are a healthy looking normal color.. Also have to praise the extremely fast turn around for the $5 refund. So glad I found this product. Thought at first it was expensive, now I would pay twice the amount if I had too; Posted on KudosWorks, Genuosity Inc.

  • "I must say I was not about to pay $25 dollars for this product but since you would give me my money back if I didn't like it I thought I would give it a try. It is amazing! Well worth the money to be able to wear open toed shoes again with no shame! Thank you so much!" Posted on KudosWorks, Genuosity Inc.

  • "Seven year ago I had to have surgery on both my hands because I got shot in my hands by an intruder. After several surgeries, with pins sticking in my fingers from the nails down past my knuckles for months, I wasn't sure what my fingers were going to look like…. All I wanted was to have nice looking nails since my fingers were now all crooked by arthritis.... I came across Nonyx. read it thoroughly but the cost was allot more than I wanted to spend. It was on sale and there was a $5.00 rebate and it was guaranteed or your money was completely refunded, so I bought it. I began using it immediately….I have spent lots of money trying all kinds of products to get my nails clear so I would not be so self conscious. People would always asked what happened when they would look at my hands because of nails and the Nail Salons would not want to do my nails because of it. Now after seven long years I have the biggest smile on my face . : ) I have truly found a product that does what it says. I would recommend this product for anyone .… I am going to take Nonyx and show the Salon where I have my nails done that this is it. The answer to my prayers !!! THANK YOU so much!!" D. S., Posted on KudosWorks, Genuosity Inc.

  • "I bought this product at Walmart store, it was about 20.00. I've been using it on my toe nails for about 2 weeks and I've already seen improvement. This product really works on toe nails that are yellow, brown, or any other color other than the normal pink clear color…. I …apply the Nonyx gel everyday and its improved so much. Please get this product…. Trying to let it grow out on its own will never work! BELIEVE ME I TRIED....!!" KudosWorks, Genuosity Inc.

  • "Finally, something that works!!! I have suffered from ugly toenails… for twenty-two years…. My toenails were so bad that I could never show my bare feet. After using Nonyx.., I have perfect toenails! All those years not getting to wear flip-flops for nothing!" KudosWorks, Genuosity Inc.

  • "I am thrilled with this product.... I have had to wear dark nail polish on my toes for over ten years to cover the black and yellow discoloration in the nails....I have been using the product for eight weeks and have seen marked improvement. The nails are no longer black and I could even wear light nail polish now. I have been keeping the nails polish free and using the product religiously. The nails are starting to grow in their normal healthy pink color. This product is terrific!!!" S.M.W., posted on KudosWorks, Genuosity Inc

  • "I just had to call you. NonyX is a really good product. I got it at Walgreens and was really skeptical but in a month there was a noticeable improvement. It's like those pictures on the box, at least for me. I just couldn't believe it! NonyX certainly did the job." J.B., St. Charles, MO (by telephone)

  • "WOW! a FABULOUS product!!!...NonyX changed my life .... Now I can wear sandals again! FINALLY a fabulous product! Thank you, thank you!" Sincerely, Gale O., Santa Cruz, Calif.

  • "NonyX is gradually removing the keratin debris under my nails with the help of [the use of] Band Aids and it is obvious that it is more powerful than …vinegar. I'm really tired of living with this condition and I see that it will be gone at some point." P. S. by email

  • "Just had to let you know how pleased I am with NonyX Nail Gel!... After applying NonyX twice a day to the nail it is 95% back to normal. I started using it 3 months ago. Great product!! P.S. I will highly recommend it." C. S., Quakertown, PA
  • "…Thank you for your product – [my husband] will be your customer forever…."G. L, Escondido, CA
  • …. I just applied some nonyx every morning and put a band aid around the toenail. It looked definitely better after a few months, but after a year, my toenail was perfectly normal. I could not believe it. A year may sound like a long time, but … one year was nothing. Get it and start wearing sandles again soon.
    Rating: 5 / 5, as posted on

  • "I am tickled to death over this product!... It was expensive but worth it! I am recommending it to all my friends. I love the money back guarantee…. I had to call Xenna and thank you!" M.T., NC (by phone)

  • "NonyX is phenomenal! Just fantastic! I live in Santa Barbara but have a vacation house in Cabo, Mexico and have hidden my feet for years. Everyone is wearing sandals down there and I was always in tennis shoes. I never realized until now how much that bothered me until now. I bought NonyX about one and a half months ago and now I see a real difference in my toenails! Even my wife said something to me the other day about how clean my toenails looked. When I find a product that works I have to call the company and say "Thank you!" Millions of people need this. I have told 4 friends about NonyX. One of them has hidden his hand for 4 or 5 years. After using NonyX his thumb nail looks a lot better and he is thrilled. I stand in the shower and soak my feet by stopping up the drain and then apply NonyX afterwards. I use it again in the evening around dinner time. I tell my friends NonyX is a bit expensive but if you want a noticeable difference NonyX is the answer. I am going to tell my pharmacist and all his assistants about NonyX and buy a few more bottles to make sure I have it. You get what you pay for! For anyone with nail problems NonyX is the ticket." John Krska, Santa Barbara, CA
  • "Thank you. Now I have happy feet!" V. B., Austin, TX
  • "I wanted to thank you for NonyX. It seems to be one of the most effective products that I have tried. As you no, Dealing with unsightly nails is detrimental and somewhat embarassing. Keep up the good work. You are apreciated. Thank You," Pete Berger (by email)
  • "I had a problem with build up on my big toes and little toes that made me feel so ashame to show off my toes. I found your product while visiting a pharmacy and decided to try the product. It is a miracle product. … I recommended your product to a close friend and … his toe nail showed improvement. I keep Nonyx on my bedside table and it is the last thing I put on my toes at night, I am so happy to show off my toes in sandals….Thanks for a great product and I will tell anyone with nail problems to use NONYX"     C.C., Trinidad, as posted on KudosWorks, Genuosity, Inc.
  • "Thank you so much for making your product NonyX Nail Gel. I have had a thick, hard, yellow nail for years….For the first time in a LONG time I can wear by beloved flip-flops! Today is my 50th birthday so I have purchased myself several pairs of flip-flops to make up for lost time and I owe it all to you! Thank you! Thank you! For making a really and truly great product at an affordable price (these qualities are found few and far between). " L. H., Austin TX
  • "...i was skeptical about spending 25.00 plus 1.75 tax on a product like this. i purchased this on 8-28-08, while not 100% i am not ashamed to wear my sandals. i saved the reciept to get my money back. it is now in the garbage. kudos to you. i would be slamming you if the product were crap. you deserve a heads up on a good job.  thanx..." andy By email
  • This stuff does work. The only bad thing is the time required. In my case, the nails on both of my big toes were a mess. For the nails to look better, I had to keep applying the gel until the nails grew out. All of the "new" nail was clear …. Once all of the new nail had replaced the bad looking nail, everything was great. But, in the case of toe-nails… That can take 6 to 9 months. Rating: 4 / 5, as posted on
  • "God bless NonyX gel. It really works!!! Years ago I dropped a heavy glass bottle on my toe, my toe looked ugly. I've tried different cremes and gels, but nothing helped to restore my toe nail. It got discolored…. I was embarrassed to wear sandals and heels with open toes (which I adore). Recently I saw this magic NonyX gel. It really works magic!! My ugly toe nail, which had dark-yellowish color regained it's healthy clear color …. I have no words to explain my happiness! I don't have to do tricks to hide that toe anymore!!! It may look like it's expensive, but trust me, healthy, smooth and adorable nails worth far more than you give for this product!!" N. S., Brooklyn, N.Y. posted on KudosWorks, Genuosity Inc.
  • "My sister told me about your product…she found Nonyx and I've never seen her so excited about her toes! She has a way to go ... – but what a difference already!" K. R., by email
  • My husband …nails were so black and thick that he LITERALLY wittled the nails with a knife when they needed to be trimmed since he broke the heavy duty nail clippers on more than one occassion trying to trim them. Though I initially put little faith in a simple gel that was topically applied, I bought it anyway….  He simply squeezed a small amount of gel on each nail after showering and, .. now after a few months, the new nails are growing in normal — no more black and thick nails. My husband now goes barefoot without embarrassment and I'm back at Amazon to order a new supply (the first 4 ounce bottle we bought lasted over 6 months!)
    Rating: 5 / 5, as posted on

  • I cannot say enough about Nonyx. After years of looking for a solution to my toenail and fingernail problems, I can report that my nails are growing... and strong ...and it won't be long until they are normal again. The key is to apply twice a day and to be patient until the...nail has time to grow out. ...I will recommend it often.  P.S., Pennsylvania

  • NonyX Nail Gel is the best product I've ever used.  J. R., W. Hawthorn, CA

  • NonyX is a very good product for fingernails.  I’m not embarrassed any more to shake hands at church!!! I got it at Rite Aid and have used NonyX for about two months.  My fingernails look so much better!  I’m sending a picture of my results!  F. A., Barstow, CA

  • "I have been using NONYX Nail Gel for five months now and would highly recommend it to anyone. It sure surprised me. It works really well. Thank you so much for a great product. It is rare that a product actually does what it claims it will do on the box. Thanks" Marty Johnson by email
  • "I had an ugly build-up under my big toe that was so embarrassing, I didn't want to wear flip flops so I finally decided to go into the store and look for something that may help it. I looked over many different products and came across your product and the price was a little bit higher than the rest so I put it back, but my mind kept telling me to try it, so I bought it and to my surprised after as little as two days the debris under my nail was soft even though I have a long way to go it has already done better than I expected it to. I really think it has caught my attention and I recommend it to anyone that is having 'an embarrassing foot/feet moment'." T. H., posted on KudosWorks, Genuosity Inc. [Note from Xenna Corporation – Keratin debris softening in just 2 days is faster than most people experience.]
  • "Ok so I have been dealing with the ugliest nails for 12 years now and … I got tired of having to hide my nails and never being able to go to the nail salon and get pedicures. So I went to Target and they had NONYX I saw the pictures and I figured what the heck I will try it. I have been using it for 3 weeks now and my nails are growing in …. I know it will take a few months before I see the complete nail growing out but I am just so excited and happy with the results I am seeing. I truly recommend it. I wish I could show you how my nails look right now. Either way I hope everyone knows about this." By email posted on KudosWorks, Genuosity Inc.
  • "Thank You, Thank you, Thank you,… You will start to see results within 3 months. I am so satisfied with this product that I have bought a couple of years supply." By email posted on KudosWorks, Genuosity Inc.
  • "My nails are the best they have been in years. I am so grateful! Thank you!" (Saw in Readers Digest) H.W. F., South New Berlin, NY
  • "…unsightly toenails were a never ending source of embarrassment. The brownish yellow and thick toenails stood out and I hated them. After using NonyX … I noticed a considerable improvement of my toenails. …and now after many years of use the nails are completely clear and a once or twice a week usage appears to keep it that way. We are in Florida now and I couldn't be happier wearing sandals and walking on the beach. I truly have toenails like a model." D. V. West Caldwell, NJ
  • "I gotta tell ya. The stuff really works but it takes consistent and persistent treatment on a daily basis....I began to notice the difference in one week and after a year's treatment my toenails are beginning to attach to the nail bed and looking much better. I could not be happier. I'd say that if I continue to use NonyX for another year I'll have a brand new set of toenails and won't be embarrassed to walk barefooted anymore. It's worth the time and effort so be patient." As posted on KudosWorks, Genuosity Inc.
  • "Regarding Nonyx Nail Gel - this is a wonderful product.... I tell everyone - that is how pleased I am. .... I will continue to use this product as the directions state. I have never wrote to a company before but I thought you should know how happy I am. I saw an ad in a magazine for this product. Thank-you," J. E. by email
  • "NonyX is like a miracle! I saw it at CVS for $24.00 and said do I really want to spend that much money but I am glad I did, my nails never looked better. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to wear my sandals this summer but now I can! Thank you." G.O. in Minnesota
  • "Your product is wonderful! I suffered for the last fifteen years with a toenail that was thick and yellow.... I was always trying to hide my ugly toe from everyone. I have been using your product since July and it really looks as though I will be able to wear sandals this coming summer without feeling like I have to hide my feet. Thank You!" W-S, by email
  • "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I was a bit leery to spend $24.95 ... but I am so glad I did, I told my friends who are now using my stuff and I told them you seen the results go get your own now, lol they were very impressed also. Thanks for a great product." By email
  • "I had thick toenails for 8 or 9 years. Then I saw NonyX at Walgreens and though it was expensive it was money-back guaranteed. My second toenails were the worst and I am really amazed. NonyX works so good! I’ve told many of my friends about it because a lot of people have this problem. If someone wants to call me, I’d be happy to talk to them about NonyX!" S. S., San Diego, CA [We appreciated S.S.’s offer, but we don’t print phone numbers on our website! Xenna] By phone
  • "I found NONYX NAIL GEL by hazard in a drugstore when I was in New York.... Thank you. I am a Portuguese customer and I am very, very satisfied. I keep using the product every day. Next year when I c[o]me back to New York I will buy one or two more...." Luisa Pacheco
  • "I love it. My nails are looking as good as new! " M.S., Frederick, MD
  • "My toenails had a problem looking yellow. Now they look brand new. NonyX works real, real good. " L. McDowell (by phone)
  • "It’s like I have new toes! I was been so happy with NonyX Nail Gel that I told my sister about it and she ordered NonyX for her salon! " M.J.O., Kingsport, TN
  • "Your NonyX Gel is a great product. Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of my discolored nail before I started using your product. I was skeptical but it cleared it up. I now live in Florida and wear flip-flips to beach without embarrassment. I have told my sister about NonyX and told her to be patient while using it. She said her friend told her it takes awhile to see results and be patient as well. I will definitely tell people about your product. " Richard (by email)
  • "Saw an ad for your NonyX in the latest Reader's Digest. Decided we would try it on my husband's nasty nails.... We bought NonyX last Tues and have been applying it according to directions twice a day. The results are terrific so far. The yellow is disipating ... and the thickness as well. We shall continue to use it until the final results are done. Thanks. " By email
  • "Hello! I just wanted to tell you that NonyX nail gel changed my life! I know that sounds very dramatic, but the results of your product are dramatic!! I have gotten pedicures for years and my toenails were very discolored and scaly looking from wearing nail polish. I was too embarrassed to go without polish on my toes.. so it was an endless cycle. You have no idea how many times I was trying to polish my toenails right before I was going to go somewhere because they looked so bad. And I must tell you, I live in the Florida Keys. I wear sandals 12 months out of the year. ... First of all, I was surprised at how generous sized the bottle of your product is. .... I only wish I had taken before and after pictures. I probably will never go back to wearing nail polish again. My feet honestly look 10 years younger..I cannot stop looking at them! you make a face cream? HA! Anyway, thanks again. And like I said, Nonyx changed the way I look at my feet forever. I can wear all my flip-flops and sandals again and living in the tropics as I do..that is very important!" by email
  • "NonyX is one of the greatest things for nails! I don’t know how you did it! NonyX is a tremendous item!" J. S., Cranbury, NJ
  • "It’s a miracle! Tell everyone in your company they have a great product! There should be more companies like you that guarantee such an amazing product. Keep up the good work." R. H., Alpine, AL , by phone
  • "I just wanted to thank you for a great product that works... I wish it was advertised on TV, for I had too search it out, working at a fast food restaurant all day and all night in bad shoes. My toenail was horrible. Using your product, my nails are clear I can wear open toed [shoes]. It's just amazing." By email
  • "This stuff works! I have sold more people on NonyX since using it back in 2002. I’m glad to hear it’s in so many stores now. I had a golfing friend whose husband couldn’t wear sandals because his nails looked so bad. Several months after I told them about NonyX I saw him at the club and he pointed down to his feet. Sure enough, he was wearing sandals!" N.W., Savannah, GA
  • "I just wanted to let you know how fantastic your product is. What's even more fantastic is the fact that you did it without harming any animals. Great job! Keep up the good work. I'm telling all my friends with ugly toes to use NonyX. Thanks, " D.A., by email
  • "Dear Sirs, I am an active widow (70 years) who walks 2 ½ to 5 miles a day. For several years I have had a problem with my big toenails turning a ghastly yellowish color. I change walking shoes regularly and soak my feet in the evenings. In short, I take very good care of my feet, practicing good hygiene. Nevertheless, … I happened to hear about NonyX on the radio and decided to look for it in my area. Unfortunately, I had to drive to Carbondale to find it in the Wal-Mart store. It was very expensive for a senior, but I bought it anyway. Never was I so shocked and happy when…the nails on my big toes cleared up and are back to how they looked when I was much younger. I called my sisters (all seniors) and my friends to tell them about NonyX and they are going to try it. Thank you so much for such a good product. Sincerely, " K.K., Vienna, IL
  • "That NonyX Nail Gel has really worked! I've been using it on my toenails and fingernails .... I could do a commercial on this product!" By telephone
  • "I used to be ashamed of my toenails. But now that I’ve used NonyX, I can wear open-toed sandals without people staring and saying, ‘What ugly toenails!’ I’m 87 years old but I still want to look cute!" I. A., Palm Coast, FL
  • "I want you to know you can use me in any commercial. Your product does all you say and then some." Harvey Sklar, Riverton, NJ
  • "I don't usually contact a manufacturer of a product, but when a product, such as Nonyx, goes beyond what it is stated to do, then, I must speak up. The nail on my right big toe was a mess. It was YELLOW! … I decided to spend the money and buy Nonyx…. …my toenail is now normal looking... One bottle was all it took. I am very pleased. " Neal Fitze, New Lebanon, Ohio
  • "Worth every penny. This gel is fabulous. My nails are almost completely clear for the first time in quite awhile. Definitely a product I will continue to use." Anonymous,
  • "I tried this product after reading all the reviews and I think it's great. This is the first time in almost 10 years that my nails have looked this good. ... (And I don't care if I need to use it 4-ever if I will be able to wear sandals again!) " Anonymous,
  • "I want to tell you how pleased I am with Nonyx® gel. ... my (toe)nail is so much better than I expected it to be. I might actually get to wear sandals again this summer!" N.M.
  • "Have used Nonyx Nail Gel for ... and am thrilled with the results. It has worked great with the discoloration and quite a bit with the appearance."C. W. [by email]
  • "This product speaks for itself. My family and friends used to make fun of my nails .... Now it’s like I have new toes and I am wearing sandals again! NonyX works really well." M.M., FL
  • "I must tell you about my husband’s nail! I was so bad and now it looks perfect. I can’t even tell the difference between his two big toenails. He’ll use NonyX forever. For yellow, hard-looking toenails NonyX is WONDERFUL. I wish more people knew. It’s the ONLY thing I tell people to use." S. Z., South Haven, Mississippi
  • "NonyX is like a genie coming out of the bottle. A while ago you could look at my nails and vomit, but not any more!" S. A., Delray Beach, FL
  • "I have been using NONYX nail gel for the last 2 years and it completely changed my nails for the better. I love it and if I stop using it they get bad-looking again rather quickly as I learned the hard way." L.V., by email
  • "... Nonyx is non-irritating and amazing. My toenail is now 80% clear and I'm waiting for that top 20% to grow out. I continue to use it 2x per day, and once it is all clear, will probably discontinue and watch it for any changes. Great product." Posted on KudosBoard
  • "I thought I was destined to wear tennis shoes and socks through the heat of the summer. Thank God for a product like this! I have seen a tremendous change! I will probably have to put nail polish over my nails during the summer, but I will not be ashamed at all to show my feet. My self esteem is heightened because of this product. Thanks Xenna!" N.D., Louisianna
  • "I am writing because I want to tell you how great we think your product Nonyx is. My husband' s toes were terrible looking but they have already started to change to yellow from an ugly green color (yuck) . He is so happy. Thank You so very much for making this. I know that ugly toe nails is such a small thing to worry about but we do because it is so ugly. We will keep using this product. I will be telling everyone I know about your fantastic product. Thanks again," Evelyn S. By email
  • "I have been using NonyX for one and a half years. Amazing. I used to have yellow nails and now they are clear and look perfect! I am wearing sandals again!" M.V., Kirtland, OH
  • "I had almost given up on my toes! NonyX is an extremely good product!" R. F., Long Island, NY
  • "Thank you so much for your wonderful product! I bought Nonyx a year ago and didn't use it. I went to your website and read all the testimonials and I figured if everyone is raving about it, it must be doing something right. ... Thank God I came across your product. I have recommended it to family members that are experiencing the same problem. Thank you again and again." A. Silva, California
  • "What an amazing product - the nails are clearing up nicely. Thank you so much for giving me back my ability to wear sandals and to feel good about my appearance." J.I., by email
  • "I purchased NonyX but was very skeptical. Then I used it and got excellent results! NonyX lived up to its promise. Thank you for the product!" Tess, Chicago, IL
  • "Two years ago I began using NonyX gel twice a day…. Thank you. Now most of my toenails became clear.", Yefim, by email
  • "NonyX is doing a great job. The brownish nail color is now beautifully clear. Like a baby's toes!", W.T.B., Detroit, MI "I am a 75 year old former hairdresser and manicurist who has always taken great care of my feet. As I got older and it became harder to reach my toes, I began to have professional pedicures. One day I removed some polish myself and almost had a stroke - my nails were discolored and horrible looking! I saw NonyX in a catalog, and while I don't usually spend money on products I know nothing about, I was desperate to clear up my nails. After using it, I am delighted to say I have the most beautiful nails now, … " E.F.M., Baltimore, MD
  • "I began using NonyX in February. I love this product - you have changed my life! I had severe discoloration on 4 nails, and was devastated. Who would have thought that $25 would change my life? This is an embarrassing condition to talk about, but I'm spreading the word because you have made me so happy. If you need someone to make a commercial, call me ANYTIME - I want to do anything I can for you!" K.P., Narberth, PA
  • As posted on By Harry from Greenwood, IN
    Describe Yourself: Appearance Oriented, Quality Oriented, Value Oriented
    Pros: …Strengthens Nails, Improves Appearance, Easy To Use, Gentle
    Best Uses: Travel, Daily Use
    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. I use nonyx nail gel daily after showering. It is easy to apply and keeps the nails clear....
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