NonyX Nail Gel
Accept no substitute. There is only one, patented NonyX Nail Gel.


What is keratin debris?

Keratin debris is the white, yellow or brown hard, granular buildup that you see on or under your toenail or fingernail. Keratin debris build-up can cause your nail to separate from the nail bed.

How long will it take to get out the keratin debris?

About 3 to 12 months depending on how fast your nail grows. You'll start to see improvement in about 4 to 5 weeks. Try to use NonyX twice a day, especially after bathing.

What if my nails look no different after a month of using NonyX Nail Gel?

Be patient and be sure you are applying the drop of gel to the surface and underneath the tips of discolored nails. Remember to make the HABIT of using NonyX DAILY.

You can also use the Band Aid method to speed things up -

Band-Aid Method

Apply gel to your nail and under the nail tip. Place a fresh Band Aid over the nail area. NonyX works faster if the gel stays moist on your nail. Avoid getting the gel on your skin, however.

Remove the Band Aif before bathing. After bathing, pat your nail dry, add more NonyX and repeat with a fresh Band Aid. If you do not bath frequently, then change the Band Aid every other day.

Weekly, use your manicure tool to remove any additional softened keratin debris, being sure to wipe it down with some additional NonyX Nail Gel afterwards to keep it clean.

Where can I buy NonyX?

Click here.

Can I use NonyX on my child's nails?

You can use NonyX on your child if they are old enough (5 or older) to understand not to put their toenails or fingernails near their eyes or get the gel in their eyes, as NonyX is an eye irritant. You should apply the gel yourself and keep it out of reach of your child when not in use. NonyX is non-toxic.

What is ethanoic acid?

The ethanoic acid in NonyX is the exfoliant of keratin debris. Ehtanoic acid used in NonyX breaks down only the keratin debris. It has no effect on your normal nail plate. The ethanoic acid in NonyX Nail Gel is made from fermented corn and wheat with water added.

Can nail color be used while using NonyX?

Regarding your question below, apply NonyX under the nail tip if you are wearing polish. It will not penetrate nail polish. To speed results, when you are not wearing polish, apply NonyX to the top surface of your nail then cover with a Band-Aid. NonyX will work faster if it stays wet. Remove Band-Aid after one or two days. Then reapply polish.

What should I do if there is no hole in the cap?

If your cap does not have a pre-punched hole in the tip, use a paper clip to make a small hole in the center of the top of the cap. Do not cut the cap as too much gel will disprove.